Monday, September 15, 2014

DolyGames Easy Macro Recorder v1.0

Very easy to use tool to repeat your mouse or keyboard clicks as much as you want. Useful both in games and in any other situation where you need to repeat something a lot.
For Windows users only.

Wartune examples:

Super useful for things like:
  • Clicking astrals
  • Collecting rewards from Soul Engraving, Whips
  • Clicking on Stables training
  • Running 10 or more Sky Trails

Tool Features:

  • No installation required !!
  • Tiny program >> super fast >> super easy to use!
  • Save and re-open sequence
  • Pause and continue recording
  • Playback speed: can choose same speed, or double speed, or 4x speed
  • Choose # of playback repetitions or set it as Infinite

Note from me (COSMOS / DolyGames / Dolyan)

Guys I've put my own money to pay for the development of this tool and it's really useful in many situations and I've put a really low price, so please support by buying the tool - please don't steal it, please don't pirate it, or anything of the sort.

Also, a word of warning, technically speaking absolutely any outside program is not allowed according to Wartune's Terms and Conditions, so use at your own risk. That said, people are using all sorts of illegal programs / multiple accounts and nothing happened to them, let alone a simple click-repeating tool like this.


DolyGames Easy Macro Recorder

User Feedback

Video Showing Example with Astrals

Video Showing Example with Stables (also spending 30k+ whips and tips :P)

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Circuit Quest Mission Rates v1

Hey guys, here I got a break down of the different quests / missions you get from Circuit Quests in Wartune. Allrise was kind enough to gather the data for his 200 quests and I prepared the report. So check it out below and either send me your 200 circuit quests' data or share with everyone if your experience is matching this data or you had different experiences (because ideally we'd need a lot more data to make it accurate).

Holy Forge Chest Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, a quick update on the Holy Forge Chest now with 169 chests' data. So check out the drop rates of version 2 below and remember for anything Wartune related email me regularly data / ideas / cool stuff.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The 9999 Patch: Which Items Does It Apply To?

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, a recent update gave us the 9999 item stack update that we've all been waiting for! I think it's great that they finally got to it, but unfortunately the 9999 only applies to certain items; many others are still at a maximum of 999 items per bag slot.

I thought I'd keep a running list of what the cap is for various items. Below is a picture of the items which I have more than 999 of, and I try to make it pretty clear which category they're in.

So far it's quite a limited list of items that can extend to 9999, but at least the major causes of bag space problems are addressed.

Original list in plain text, edits from commenters in italic.

  • Crypt Tokens
  • Fate Stones
  • Insignias
  • Mahra (Elia Edit)
  • Mount Training Whips
  • Runestones
  • Sepulcrum (Thanks Howard and Tyfus!)
  • Soul Crystals
  • Gem Packs, Lvl. 1-3 (Elia Edit)
  • Gold Chests (Thanks Tyfus!)
  • Refinement Locks
  • Resistance Crystal Shards
  • Shadow Crystals
  • Shadow Souls
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Star Sands
  • Star Tear Shards
  • Sylph EXP Scrolls
  • VIP Tokens
I'll keep this as a running list and edit as people comment. Please share any items that you know FOR SURE stack beyond or not beyond 999! This means a screenshot of your bags with more than 999 of a certain item, as I did above. 

Water Boss Joke, Gaia Size and Holy Forge Chest

Hey guys, got 3 small things to share with you - a joke, a funny thing and Holy Forge Chests. First the joke about the water boss by GreyGandalf and Kestrel ^^

Gaia (Eve) is so Tiny! ^^

I mean seriously :) look at it, she is a mosquito compared to those around her ^^

Holy Forge Chest Drop Rates v1

And lastly, Holy Forge drop rates - Version 1: I just opened my own 28 chests but if you guys send me more data I can release a more accurate version 2:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Holy Forge Chest Analysis

(Posted by Miklós of the DolyGames Team)

Greetings! I'm Miklós, author of the wartune-balens blog. Cosmos was kind enough to invite me to publish articles here as well, so from now on, you will see posts from me. I'm an optimizer type, so I my focus is to build the strongest character possible from limited resources. 

I started publishing when I saw that a lot of people literally waste money in the game. I believe that you have to spend some amount to be able to enjoy the game - but you can spend that amount wisely or brainlessly. So I try to give advice on optimize play, and optimize spending.

I usually post in the following categories:
  1. analysis of a current event, advice if you should spend or not.
  2. spoiler info on game mechanics, hints, advice on a specific game feature.
  3. general articles on game theory, strategy with hopefully wise words :)

Balens and BR

When you spend balens in the game, you always buy Battle Rating. So it is wise to get the most BR for your balens. I used to say, spend only when you get at least +1 BR for every 10 balens. Lately, with BRs going skyhigh, and things getting cheaper and cheaper, I would say even that is expensive. Right now, I wouldn't recommend buying a mount for 2k balen / +10 stats (which is exactly +1 BR / 10 balens) unless a big spender event is running as well.
It is especially hard to say the value of the chests. Some say Wartune is a big casino where chances are unknown and you don't know what you buy. So you have to be especially alert when you buy these chests.
You should use a method which professional poker players use. It's called calculating the expected value. You don't know what will you find in a chest: but you can give an approximation to its value. It works this way:
Take the first item which can come out of the box. Determine it's value, depending on how much BR it gives to you. Mutiply this value with the probability of getting that item.
Do this for each item. At the end, you will know the expected value of a chest. Chests are usually sold for 39 balens. The expected value must be significantly more than 39 to worth buying. (If it's just about the same, the risk of being unlucky makes it abad deal).

Analysis of the Holy Forge Chest

Here I will show you an example with the current box on sale - the Holy Forge Chest:

Divinity Force
It worth the most if you exchange it for a Thunder Beast, in that case one Divinty Force value = 6000 / 200 = 30 balens. The second best deal is if you exchange it for sepulcrum, in that case, one DF worth 20 balens.
Chance to find one in a chest is roughly 50%.
So our first value is 0.5 x 30 = 15 balens.
If you exchange them for sepu, value is 0.5 x 20 = 10 balens.
80.000 gold
50k gold worth about 1 balen (you can find my calculation of the item values on the Wartune Balens website > here < (will open in a new window)). so this is 1.6 balen. It's a common drop, chance is 12%.
0.12 x 1.6 = 0.192 balen.
Mount training whip x3
0.12 x 6 = 0.72 balen
Runestone x 3
0.12 x 6 = 0.72 balen
Vulcan's Stove x 1
sorry, ? (0) balen at this time.
1000000 gold
This is a rare drop, 0.7% chance. 1M gold worth 1M/50k= 20 balens
0.007 x 20 = 0.14 balen
100 sepulcrum
0.007 x 1000 = 7 balens.
100 mahra
0.007 x 1000 = 7 balens.
Thunder beast
ultra-rare drop, chance is 0.1%. It's a +30 mount, usually sold for 6000 balens:
0.001 x 6000 = 6 balens.
There is one more trick here. If you are lucky, and get a Thunder beast, you will exchange your divinity shards for sepulcrum, not a beast. If you are unlucky, and count shards for 30, then you didn't find a beast. So there are 2 possibilities:
Find a beast and exchange divinity shards for sepu:
total chest value = 10 +0.192+0.72+0.72+0+0.14+7+7+6 = 31.77 balens.
If no beast and try to exchange for one:
total chest value = 15+0.192+0.72+0.72+0+0.14+7+7+0 = 30.77 balens.
Take the higher value: so the total chest value (without Vulcan's Stove) is 31.77 balens. Not so great for 39 balens :( 
If you like the Thunder Beast, you can get it later for a fix price anyway.

Fun and Madness in Spire by COSMOS

Hey guys, here I made a fun and crazy Wartune image to share with you a funny joke and show you what kind of fun we have in Spire with my friends! :)

Special thanks to COSMOSFan for joining the team, his whirlwind ability is just awesome! And congratulations again to Atooo - the first person on the server to get the gobby-pet and make it 1 star purple. His help was invaluable in the dungeon!

So check it out, share with friends, and I hope my work brings a smile into your life :)

P.S. If someone out there is good with graphic design / Photoshop / cartoon drawing and wants to create fun Wartune stuff - I'll be happy to have you on my Team and posting your art / creations on my blog.

P.P.S. If you can't read the joke here is the text:
COSMOS: if you don't use vulc in 3 spires then your character farts due to too much vulcan gas
Atooo: hahah
Lonk: lol