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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rono & Team beat Spire + Tips

Hey guys, I want to share with you pictures and tips from Rono (Edited by me) and his team who completed all Spire stages, so thanks to Rono for sharing his knowledge and hope you find it useful:

My team composition is 2 Archers, 1 Mage and 1 Knight.

My team's battle ratings are as follows (please take into account we all use Warrior Call, guild shop pots and few attack scrolls):

Zoieraptor 363k pet Hercules 4 star purple 74k maxed
Rono 384k pet Cerebus  4 star purple 74k maxed
hopsi 309k pet Hercules 2 star purple 41k
Enigma 301k pet Hercules 2 star purple 39k

Maybe obvious to say, but anytime you use Vulcan always do it after you are in pet (sylph) mode.

Special advice for boss 15: after stun try to save pet for 16 then use pet for 16, 17 if possible as there is no spell / skill CD (cool-down) like LL NM.

Tips for Beating Spire

1. Depending on your team's attack you need to have around 6 Vulcans to successfully beat Spire (more or less depends on your Battle Ratings). We completed the task with with 5 Vulcans on 3 of us and 4 Vulcans on the last team member,

2. You need to reach the Angel boss without using Vulcan.

3. At the Angel boss there are 2 choices: Go with Vulcan on all players after stun or 1 player goes at start initially (tank or front row player suggested) and then 3 go after stun.

4. Knight or tank should go slow on turns allowing mage to puri or heal.

5. For bosses 22, 23 and 24 put Apollo and Incendiary after 2 hits from boss.

6. Try to Vulcan as soon a possible for bosses at 22, 23 and 24. This allows you to go Vulcan a 2nd time if required.

7. Boss 22 seems to target random and low HP players, 23 does 2 hits front then random. 24 is the hardest, very high attack and 2 hits front then 1 random then Delphic.

Hope this helps you. If you have any specific question please ask in the comments below the post. The pictures below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fishing Level 25 + Patience = Fashion Cores

Hey guys, do your best to get to Fishing Level 25 because this will give you the opportunity to try to earn up to 2 Fashion Cores each day, which is a pretty good deal for all players! The bad news though is that the Fashion Shard fish is on the most bottom line and it takes a lot of patience to get maximum results. Still, it is possible and even if you catch the fish half the time that's still 1 Fashion Core per day which is pretty good as well.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hades & Apollo becoming more accessible

Hey guys, way back when Hades and Apollo were added into the game their price was I believe well above 20,000 balens. Over many months, as with all things, the price keeps dropping and becoming accessible to free players.

In recent months a number of free players were lucky to get these sylphs via event boxes or sylph atoll boss drops.

Back in April 2014 the white common grade Hades Seal was sold for 4,999 balens sprinkled with a touch of mahra and sepulcrum:

And after the midnight reset today players can now get these sylphs simply by paying 100 mahra for Apollo or 100 Sepulcrum for Hades!

So if these sylphs were your dream go ahead and get em, otherwise, if you are a super patient person like me just wait more - at some point it will be free or near free ^^

P.S. For Apollo nobody should be in a major rush, but I can imagine some mages might desperately need Hades. Archers and Knights however are perfectly fine waiting longer while using Hercules.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Highest Possible BR from Gems for Mages

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, with the Hall of Fame event ending in a week, I was chatting with a friend about which set of gems will give the most battle rating for mages. That conversation somehow turned into me taking 50+ screenshots of my BR with various gem and sylph combinations, and here are the results :)

To do this test, I took out all of the gems in my gear and then recorded my battle rating after placing exactly one level 5 gem of each type.

In all cases, I benefit most from MATK, MDEF, and HP gems the most, and for the 4th best it varies depending on the sylph:
  • Electro: PATK
  • Fire: PATK
  • Wind: PATK/PDEF
  • Water: PDEF
  • Dark: PDEF
  • Light: PATK/PDEF
Since I my BR is at its highest when I call Hercules, I plan to convert my Crit gems into MDEF (only x4 at the moment) and PATK in a few days.

Sources of Percentage Stat Bonuses

Here I'll list off my sources of percentage-based stat increases. If your bonuses differ drastically from mine, then you should really do the test yourself to confirm which gems give you the most.

Passive Skills

The passives from the skill builds are very big and drive a huge part of which gems end up being the most important. For mages that are not level 80 with class advancement opened, you won't have Sturdy yet, and will definitely get more out of PDEF and MDEF gems than HP ones like I do.

Sylph Passive Bonuses

The next biggest possible source of variation probably comes from which sylph is your main one. Regardless of the passives, you should call the sylph that gives you the most BR, and then adjust your gems for that sylph's passives.
  • Electro: +5% MATK, +5% PATK
  • Fire: +5% PATK, +5% PATK
  • Wind: +5% HP
  • Water: +3% MDEF, +3% PDEF
  • Dark: +5% PDEF
  • Light: +5% MDEF

Dragon Soul

The Dragon Soul System added new percentage bonuses. So far I can't get any more until they release more ways to use Dragon essences. These ones aren't huge though and will not vary the results as much as the hero/sylph passive skills.


Wings are another source of percentage increases, but like the Dragon Soul bonuses, are quite small compared to the hero/sylph passives.

Hope this proves helpful for anyone that needs an extra push for Hall of Fame! Good luck :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gift a Game - Personalized!

Hey guys, I can now personalize games for people which is a unique and awesome gift for your friends and family! I've created a dedicated site for it, so check it out and with Christmas just around the corner consider gifting to your loved ones something unique like this! I hope you guys like it! site: http://gifts.dolygames.com/

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Battle Rating Reference for Fake BR Increasing

Hi guys, with events like Hall of Fame and any other situation where you need to increase your Battle Rating temporarily to a higher level than it is I have prepared this article / guide / reference to help you do that.

Here below you will see tables showing you how much battle rating different things give and this can help you focus your efforts to the areas which will give you the most battle rating.

Cosmos Knight as an example:

I will also use my knight as an example to show the different things that I can do to increase my Battle Rating (remember this is only for the sake of increasing it for different situations like Hall of Fame event, not for making a strong character).

Changing the Astrals

One of the most basic tricks to increase battle rating is switching the percentage (%) based astrals, which give no battle rating whatsoever, to anything that gives stats.

Including Class Advancement my knight has 10 astral slots:
  • Sacred Gemini level 8 PATK + Penetration +1728: Battle Rating +3905 (due to all things that add additional % to PATK) = keep
  • Holy Force level 8 PATK +2304: Battle Rating +2903 =  keep
  • Holy Enshieldment level 7 Block +2016: Battle Rating +2016 =  keep
  • Holy Sniper level 8 Critical +2304: Battle Rating +2304 =  keep
  • Holy Fortitude level 7 PDEF +2016: Battle Rating +2541 (due to PDEF bonuses) =  keep
  • Holy Willpower level 7 MDEF  +2016: Battle Rating +2137 =  keep
That leaves me with 4 astral slots which are all % based and can be switched to a stat astral like HP, MATK x 2, Charm
  • The HP level 4 red Holy Brilliance currently in my bag already gives me additional 824 Battle Rating and can easily be leveled up to a higher level.
  • The level 4 Holy Charm which I also have gives me 193 BR, which is not much at all so no need to invest anything into this.
  • The level 3 Sacred Pisces with MATK and Penetration +648: give me an additional 1425 Battle Rating and can definitely be leveled up.
  • Holy Mysticality I don't have yet so I can't give an exact number but it is also a decent effect.
So to conclude on the astrals, without doing much I can lift my battle rating by around 3k, but of course bringing them to a much higher level (level 7-8 is very much achievable) would give me a lot more, probably around 7k BR.

Changing the Gems Types

Gem types have a pretty big influence and the one that gives the least is Critical, so changing Critical gems to something else gives you an immediate increase in BR. For example taking out a Level 8 crit gem and replacing it with a level 8 HP gem results in a BR increase of 657 on my knight (level 2 advanced engraving). The effect of changing to MDEF is +338 BR. The effect of switching to PDEF is +551 BR.

So currently I have Critical gems on all 8 of my equipment items. This means that taking them out and replacing with PDEF or MDEF or HP in addition to the existing PATK will result in a BR increase of minimum +2704 using the MDEF number and +5256 maximum BR using the HP number.

Changing Gem Level

The effect is even bigger if I would switch from level 8 gems to level 9 gems.

Just changing 1 single gem from level 7 HP to level 8 HP results in a battle rating increase of 289. Taking 250 as a round number (lower because other gems give less) we can multiply 8 equipment items by 4 gems per item = 32 gems and multiplied by the 250 BR = 8k BR increase if I change my gems from level 7 to level 8.

Changing from level 8 to level 9 should be a bit bigger, around 9k BR increase.

The only problem that I see my going to level 9 and above gems right now is that we would get no additional reward for it and, theoretically, there could be great rewards when the level 9 gem synthesis arrives, so doing this now would reduce your future gains.

Changing Equipment Refine

This is possible in general but not for me because I simply do not have enough refinement crystals for level 80 equipment.

Holy Forge Refinement

Holy Forge can give a lot of additional battle rating if you have enough Vulcan Hammers and Stoves. Unfortunately I do not, so I cannot experiment with it to tell you exact figures, but from Elia's example we have that her 900 stoves resulted in 5k increase in BR. You can watch that video here.

Other elements which will increase your BR:

  • Increasing Fate Levels (same issue here about losing future rewards if using stones without event)
  • Increasing the Soul Engraving level (normal + advanced souls)
  • Pumping up your Sylph with mahra (stars) and sepulcrum (stats) and have active the most powerful sylph that you have.
  • Clothing Refinements if you have lots of Fashion Stones (again issue if without event)
  • Upgrading Wings which give a % increase (better with clothing event though)
  • Upgrading your Dragon Soul Core can give nice BR but there you are limited on your daily income of Dragon Essences.
  • Naturally basic things like Guild Skills for those who don't have them maxed.
  • Mounts and Mount Refinements depending on your daily Mount Hoof income.

So all in all my current BR is 222k and I can increase it via astrals by ~7k and via gem type change by ~5k and via gem level increase by ~9k to come to a Battle Rating of 243k

Battle Rating by Stats

Stats Gives BR
1 MATK 1.05 BR
1 Block 1 BR
1 HP 0.2 BR
1 Troop Count 1 BR

Battle Rating by Attributes

Stats Gives BR
1 Strength
gives 4 PATK and 1 PDEF
5 BR
1 Intellect
gives 4 MATK and 1 MDEF
5.2 BR
1 Armor
gives 4 PDEF and 4 MDEF
8 BR
1 Endurance
gives 20 HP
4 BR
1 Charisma
gives 1 Troop Count
1 BR

Battle Rating by Gems

Gems Gives BR
PATK, MATK, PDEF and MDEF Give same BR as the stat, so per gem level:
+32 / +64 / +84 / +112 / +176 / +220 / +280 / +350
HP Astral at the rate of 1 HP = 0.2 BR, so per gem level:
+160 / +320 / +420 / +560 / +880 / +1100 / +1400 / +1750
Crit Astral Gives 2nd worst amount of BR, so per gem level:
+16 / +32 / +42 / +56 / +88 / +120 / +180 / +260
Charisma Astral Gives the worst amount of BR, so per gem level:
+8 / +16 / +21 / +28 / +44 / +60 / +90 / +130

Battle Rating Benefits by Class

Class Benefits Comments
Knights +20% extra for PDEF and HP coming from Divine Blessing skill at level 2
+15% to PATK coming from Combat Master skill at level 3
So for Knights put more into things increasing PDEF and HP and PATK because for the same effort you get 15%-20% more
Archers +20% extra for Critical and HP coming from Eye of the Eagle skill at level 2
+15% to PATK coming from Focus Attack skill at level 3
So for Archers put more into things increasing HP and PATK because for the same effort you get 15%-20% more. Not Crit astral though!
Mages +20% extra for MDEF coming from Healing Empowerment skill at level 2
+15% to MATK coming from Mana Master skill at level 3
So for Mages focus on increasing MDEF and MATK because for the same effort you get 15%-20% more

Friday, November 14, 2014

Lucky with 4 Mounts

Hey guys, as you know Wartune is a bit of a casino when it comes to prizes, so some people can suffer for years while others can get hugely lucky. It is not a system I would use myself if I was the boss, but it is what it is - anyways, few minutes ago we had someone being really lucky getting 4 mounts from ~230 boxes which you can see on the picture below. Big congratulations to the player, good for him!, and good luck to everyone else!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Card Bonus Stacking in Group Arena

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, I think most people (rightfully) forget the card system exists unless there is a hot event for it. It's not exactly the most exciting thing ever patched into the game, but I think it's worth going over how card bonuses are shared in group situations.

I use Group Arena as an example here, but I'm pretty sure this applies to Spire and Multi-player dungeons as well.

It's generally understood that cards give stat boosts, and as you level up your cards, they will give more bonuses. If you're lucky enough to draw purple cards, you'll open a bonus for having 4 cards (including white, green, and blue which are easier to get) of the same deck. The 4 card bonus for the Multi-player (Group) Arena cards gives +3 Insignias for every fight (win or lose).

What I think goes less noticed about the card bonuses is that they can stack if more than one person on a team has it. And since Wartune could never be so straight-forward, there is a very specific way that the stacked bonuses are counted.

Should we be playing a simple, logical, not-buggy game, if there are 3 people in a group arena team that have the card bonus, then everybody on the team should get 3 x 3 = 9 extra insignias per fight. However, that's just not how it goes.

Assuming that from left to right is the order everyone joined a room, the number of bonus insignias you receive is the number of bonuses before you + your own bonus.

For example, in the picture below, Ballwin, Eliatan, and Avarice have the card bonus, and artemes does not. That means Ballwin gets +3 (only the bonus from his own cards); I get +6 (Ballwin + my bonus); Avarice gets +9 (Ballwin + Elia + his own bonus); and artemes also gets +9, since the three before him have the bonus, but he does not.

Here I include a table of some example situations. What you want to make sure of is, if only one person has the card bonus, then that person makes the room and invites everyone else, so at least everyone gets a little something extra! :)

I hope this helps you guys out if you didn't know about stacking the bonuses, or if you've noticed that they do and didn't know exactly the counting method. I don't really pay attention to the stacked card bonuses in the other activities, so if you have proof of them in Spire and MPs, tell us in the comments! Please share and let people know about this little tidbit ^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sub-Class in Class Wars

(Posted by Krishna- DolyGames Contributor.)

Hey guys, the sub-class (Dragon Whisperer) in Chinese servers can be in Class Wars now. Just like the regular class, the Class War winner in sub-class will get it's statue in Cloud City.

Sub-Class Class Wars Rankings is Empty since this is a new thing.

It may be that you have an option to do class wars with your sub-class or regular class before entering Class Wars. You won't be able to switch class during Class Wars.

Flame of War Event Mount

(Posted by Krishna- DolyGames Contributor.)

Hey guys, here is a preview of the Flame of War Event Mount. Hope you guys like this and big thanks goes to DZmage for making this GIF.

Smoldering Pierce Mount

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cane the Grim Reaper 10000 BG Kills

Hey guys, how far are you from the Grim Reaper Title? Cane, from Kabam S3 US East, covered in blood, reached the mad milestone of 10,000 Battleground Kills and here we share with you the screenshots showing off the very rare new title and his stats as well.

Digging online I found that this was achieved on the lower levels in May 2013 by dimi2 at level 39:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Shortcut URLs for DolyGames

Hey guys, just to let you know I have created a bunch of shortcut URLs for the different sites we have to make it easy for you to remember and share, so here they are:

youtube.dolygames.com --> DolyGames YouTube
(this is same as the longer URL with the old name: https://www.youtube.com/user/LavashGames)
1200 game videos
600+ Wartune videos

wartune.dolygames.com --> DolyGames massive Wartune Blog
600+ Articles Wartune Blog
(This is the same as this blog - http://cosmos-wartune.blogspot.com)

fb.dolygames.com --> DolyGames Facebook
(this is same as the longer URL with the old name: https://www.facebook.com/LAVASHGAMES)

gplus.dolygames.com --> DolyGames Google+
(this is same as the longer URL: https://plus.google.com/115267298926248979054/posts)

Or just bookmark the main site: