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Monday, October 20, 2014

Magical Anteater from the Underground Palace!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, SmartASS (hence forth called "SA", because I'm 6 years old and can only type ass so many times before giggling) from Wartune.com s50 got the Magical Anteater already! It kind of looks like the reject mascot for David Copperfield . . .

To make the mount you need 25 of the Underground Palace Mount Shards, which aren't to be mistaken for the Underground Palace Map Shards.

You obtain the Mount Shards by spending 3 steps to use the search function. "It seems a little strange around here," is actually very good news in the Underground Palace :)

SA recommends to anyone cashing steps to make sure you find all 3 of the hidden "strange" areas on the map before moving on to the next one. Though these don't always give the Mount Shards, they often do (I've also seen Map Shards x2, and Vulcan Stove x1).

I'd also add to this that if you're not willing to cash for additional steps, then you should prioritize getting Vitality, Redemption, Treasures, Lucky Draws, and finding these special hint areas for the Mount Shards. It's very easy to get 100 points for the first prizes, even if you're not trying for events that give points (Point spree, Encounter, etc.), so it's better not to use steps on point items and focus on ones that will give you goodies.

So what do you guys think of this new mount? Any others you're looking forward to getting? Have any additional input on getting these shards? Share :)

Big thanks to SA for the screenie! If you guys have anything you want to share and think the team can make into a post, let us know!

Chinese Magic Pot

(Posted by Krishna of the DolyGames Team)

Hey guys, Magic Pot is back for Chinese Wartune and I want to share two things today. First their Magic Pot Rewards and second a new mount they got.

The Magic Pot

One Activation costs 20 Balens
Ten Activation costs 200 Balens
Fifty Activation costs 1,000 Balens
These prices are nearly half the price we got and yet most of the times we get crap rewards like refinement crystals and gold with luck.

Here are the rewards they got-
Feel free to click the image for a larger resolution.

On my server only one person got the mount with hard luck, but many other's got gold chest, Advanced Mahara, Kids HP pack, Level 3+ gem packs, and some mount whips. To them these rewards are garbage, but to us it is "Gold".

The Frost Turtle

Description- "From the icy glaciers of the north, this turtle snaps anyone that comes close."
I was hoping for a turtle mount and this mount is better than I expected. If the crystal was a darker shade of blue, then it would have matched perfectly with the crystals popping out in cloud city. We may get this mount soon (2-3 months).
This mount will probably be in a big spenders event or in the magic pot since it is a +500 mount. Be sure to comment below, you opinion of this new mount and their magic pot.

Defend Sylph Atoll Boss Event Formulas and Effects

Hey guys, I want to share you 3 additional things about the Defend Sylph Atoll Boss Event:

1) Alfreduss shared the formula for the Vulcan Stoves =  the % damage you did to the Atoll Boss / 2, so if your party did 60% of total damage you will get 30 Vulcan Stoves.

2) I previously shared with you the formula / ratio for Gold Income, which I showed was 60 points to 1 gold. So for example to get 1 million gold you need to earn 60,000,000 points. That was with the different rewards per rank is here: http://cosmos-wartune.blogspot.com/2014/10/rewards-from-defend-sylph-atoll-event.html

3) A lot of people might not have noticed the little icon we get during the Defend Sylph Atoll Boss Event, but this is quite important and makes crystals a lot more important since it doubles the effects of the crystals or resistance related elements. I think there is an unclear language there and that both Resistance Crystals and Will Crystals are important:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Underground Palace Guide

Hey guys, this is a guide for the Underground Palace.

Underground Palace Introduction

Underground Palace is a nice little mini-game inside Wartune which you can initiate from the icon tn the top of the screen at any time during the day. In the Underground Palace you are presented with a game board and have a bunch of turns or moves with which you can move around (click direction except diagonal), do stuff and collect rewards.

Easy bullet points about the Underground Palace

  • Underground Palace is open for anyone who is level 48 or above. 
  • You get 30 moves for free each day (can buy more with balens).
  • You can only see the 8 boxes around you.
  • You can move on the box where you have already been for free!
  • There is a chance that a lightning strikes you and kills you at any time.
  • You can move to the next board level, but only when you enter the "next level" box when the required events have been used in the current level (see top right indicator).
  • Rankings reset every Monday at 5:00 AM server time.
  • There is a chance you will "feel something strange" in which case you can "pay" 3 turns to explore or search for a treasure.

The 2 Help Images of Underground Palace

When you first enter you will be shown the below help screen. As I wrote you will be able to see 8 boxes around you and you cannot move diagonally so click your mouse button on up, down, left or right to move around.
The help screen on the right side let's us know that we will get more points if we complete all events (not possible for free) and shows how many "events left" is required to be allowed to enter the next level (also not for free players)

Underground Palace Events

When your character "feels" or "senses" something strange you can explore or search for treasure. This will consume 3 moves or steps which you have to confirm on a popup window like shown below:

Black Market gives you a discount to purchase some items. Careful, the prices are not super famous for being good. Many people just click skip on this, but note that you will not get points if you skip. I personally try to avoid the Black Market on the game board altogether.

 Death and Redemption event:

There are lots of Encounter events where you have to fight to get points and pass. Alternatively you can pay to pass or skip.

Lucky Draw events allow you to pick one of 4 prizes. You always win :)

If a misfortune strikes you then you will die instantly by a lightning strike and have to use a life to revive yourself.

Mystery Treasure always gives rewards. Often they are pretty nice.

By gathering the Underground Palace Map Shards you can get the Underground Chest, which is very nice rewards:
- Sepulcrum x 10
- Mahra x10
- and 50 or 100 or 300 Bound Balens

Point Spree gives you the chance to earn more points. You always get 1 of the 4 cards so you always win - it is just a matter of luck if you will get a lot or the minimum 10 points. The point values are not always the same - as you see on the pictures below there is one with a maximum of 80 points (wow!) and another with a maximum of 25 points. I personally try to completely avoid these (if you are not a paying person) because you get sufficient points to earn the 100 point chest and the 500 point chest is practically impossible for free players. So use these probably only if you spend balens.
Redemption will give you an additional life.

Here you see examples of rewards from the Treasure:

Vitality is super cool, it gives you extra moves or steps. Here is an example of 1 extra move (less cool) and one with 3 extra moves (very cool).

And here is the example with 5 steps or moves which is a lot more rare:
Underground Palace GUI You have basically 3 areas of information or controls for the Underground Palace.

The bottom area shows your balens, the search / explore button, the number of moves you have left and the number of lives you have left. With the little "plus" buttons you can add more moves/life.

The left GUI shows your current points, has the link to see the Rankings and is where you will collect the extra treasure chest rewards.

Underground Palace Mount - Magical Anteater

There is also a mount associated with the Underground Palace. It is the Magical Anteater, which gives +30 to all stats! You can synthesize this in the Blacksmith and it will require 25 Underground Palace Mount Shards:

Underground Palace Videos by DolyGames Team

1st Introduction, Gameplay and Guide

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Free Wartune Wallpapers

(Posted by Krishna of the DolyGames Team)

Hi guys, I want to share some amazing wallpapers that I took time and gathered for you guys. I really hope you guys enjoy these and they are absolutely free to download.
Source/Credit- Chinese Wartune, 7Road. These wallpapers are provided for everyone by 7Road.
Here the sizes are small for display so please click picture to enlarge and save for yourself.
A cool wallpaper of the new sub-class that Chinese Wartune got a month ago.
A closeup of a young female archer.
This is an amazing showcase of kids in all classes and genders.
Headless Knight- One of our future troops.
If you got hades, then you should have this wallpaper.
Our future 2nd Evolved Sylph, Zeus. (This is my personal favorite wallpaper)
If you downloaded one of these wallpapers then be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page.

The Level 64 Monster and Massive Battleground Kills

Hey guys, got 2 screenshots to share with you. Just below this one is about massive kills in the Battleground, but first up is Jeromie - the level 64 monster player :) who is smashing a near 200k battle rating at the level 64 - that's like my BR right now :P but he has it on level 64. Oh the power :) hehe

...and in other news I got a screenshot from "dominator25" with his non-VIP amazing job in the battleground smashing 57 kills in 1 BG event :)
(bear in mind that this is much more possible to do on lower level Battleground than on high levels)

Maxed Out Mount Stats!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, so no whip event video from me this month since I was a dunce and had my microphone muted for half of the recording T_T.

That said, I don't think the whip videos are going to be quite as fun from me any more since I've now maxed out my mount and so the number of whips I can use at the event is limited to the space I can open with new mounts.

So these are my mount stats after they've been maxed out! It took me a little under 40k whips. You can see that I'm pretty far into training for the next stat for all of them, and that's intentional. When I got close to completing the training, I would stop using Advanced Train and just do the single training until I got to about 2450/2500, and then used the advanced again. This let me train a few more whips than if I had used Advanced Train the whole time, and with so little room in my mount, I was scrambling for every bit I could.

These are all my currencies relevant to the event! My gem income went way down :( hopefully there's some other way for that income to raise before the next gem event is here. I am falling behind a lot of the top players these days since I haven't made any level 10 gems and only refine each of my mounts to one star :\ hoarder-woes.

How'd you guys make out this event? Let me know in the comments, and what items are you hoarding or deciding to go ahead and use?

Friday, October 17, 2014

9.1 million gold Sylph Atoll Boss

Hey guys, so with this crazy Defend Sylph Atoll event we have a boss spawn at 2 am at night / morning and, for whatever reason, some of us were online and participating in this madness. Why madness? Because it took 2.5 hours to kill the boss with like 8-10 people... my team was ranked 2nd with 21.61% of damage (half the time was only just me and Ip) and the #1 position was taken by Grey's team which did:

  • 63.47% of the total damage
  • 546 million points
  • 9.1 million gold earned
  • 31 Vulcan's Stoves
  • etc - see picture below:
Oh the bad thing was also that due to lack of participating people the treasure chest was not awarded to anyone.